What we are trying to do?

We believe families deserve support to build nurturing home learning environments in which children can thrive. Our work with families aims to reduce parental stress, increase parental capacity and foster communities of mutual support.We believe every child has the right to grow up in a community where they are safe and well-supported, healthy, can achieve well academically and have strong relationships and social networks.


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How we are doing this?

Our work is focused on: 

  • Delivering Family Links parenting programmes
  • Providing targeted 1:1 support for parents and/or families
  • Offering a range of social groups to build self-esteem,overcome social isolation and foster mutual support
  • Community organising with Citizens UK 
  • Running free weekly & holiday activities (View our weekly Hub Activities here)

Hosting therapeutic Family Group sessions with The School & Family Works

The difference we make:

Feedback from family support courses we have run:

“I would love to do the course again, it changed my life, I was feeling down, alone and worried and the course helped me a lot emotionally.”

“I was thinking like any other parent until I started taking this class… it actually made us really think.”

Every single lesson makes me feel more confident”

“When you’re in a group together of parents you realise that almost everyone is going through the same thing, everyone is learning from you, when you felt you had nothing to offer.”

“The aim is to improve the parents, to support the parents to improve, which I think is a very, very good idea. If the parents improve then children can benefit from that.”