Mei Lim

Mei has over 13 years experience working across all phases in education. She worked in South East London as a secondary History teacher, before leaving to study a Masters in Public Policy degree for 2 years in Berlin, with a focus on education and social policy. Returning to the UK, she decided to move into the primary phase and was Headteacher of a primary academy in Guildford until December 2018. During this time, Mei met Ed and was inspired by his vision to develop a complementary model that works alongside schools to support children and families, which is why she joined the Reach Children's Hub in 2019. She believes in the importance of listening and building relationships, in order to put people before programmes, and loves working with a passionate team to support children from cradle-to-career.

Annette Eduvié
Programme Administrator

Annette Eduvié is currently working as the Programme Administrator for the Feltham Convening Project, The Reach Foundation. A Law LLB graduate with a background in Administration, she has taken a keen interest in Policy in action and discovered her passion for her community. Annette has also been deeply involved in Church Administration and Development. She would like to see a local and eventually global community where people can achieve what they set their minds to and can enjoy the benefits of working together for the prosperity of the collective. Super interested in the Arts, Annette spends a lot of her other time listening to music, and watching movies – Nollywood is her favourite. 

Egle Peleckaite
Project Lead

Originally Egle completed the Teach First Leadership programme in 2014 after teaching for 2 years in Bolton. She then moved to London and joined Reach Academy as Head of Year in 2017. Alongside teaching, she has worked across a range of community and youth projects which have taken her to wonderful places: from New York City to the Inner Hebrides. Egle firmly believes in the transformative power of building people-centred initiatives and systems. She is excited to work for the Reach Children’s Hub to see what is possible when education, community care and innovation overlap.


Katherine Richards-Bryant
Early Learning Lead

After teaching in the Early Years for four years in London and completing a Masters at UCL, Katherine joined the Reach Children's Hub team. Katherine is passionate about sharing the incredible impact Early Years educators have on a child's life, particularly when they work in close partnership with the child's parents and wider family. She is one of the lead tutors on our Early Years Foundation Degree with Kingston University and also leads on the other parts of our Early Years Workforce Pipeline. Katherine has enjoyed building relationships with families and practitioners in Feltham and is excited to see how these partnerships continue to develop.

Kay Stone
Family Support

Kay has worked with children and families for over 17 years and has a degree in Primary Education. She realised early on that her passion was in supporting and working with children and their parents, and she was delighted when Reach Academy Feltham gave her an amazing opportunity to do this: she joined the Family Support team when the school opened in 2012. Kay understands the important and vital role of being a parent but also recognises that this can be a difficult and stressful job for anyone, due to the difficulties life can throw at you. Over the years, she has undertaken additional training, for example Family Links, to be able to support families in the community to the best of her ability.

Jennie Tweedy
Community Engagement Lead

Jennie has lived and worked within the community for the past 11 years. Before starting at Reach, she worked as a Family Support Worker within a local Community and Children's Centre in Bedfont. Whilst working there she developed a passion for helping people and breaking cycles that some local families get stuck in. She joined Reach Academy in May 2017 and has enjoyed being part of a committed and dedicated team who strive to give all local children and families the opportunities they may not otherwise have had. She is started as a Family Support Worker and is now the Community Engagement Lead within the Early Learning Community. Her aims are to build parental capacity, reduce stress and foster community. This is done through a number of projects/groups directly delivered by Jennie which are increasing parents confidence, helping them access local services and building their support network.


Lily Pinto
Feltham Futures Project Manager

Lily grew up in Feltham before moving to Leeds to complete a degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies. Upon graduating, she completed the Teach First Leadership Development Programme in Huddersfield and thoroughly enjoyed teaching “up North” for two years. She moved back to Feltham after completing her NQT year and took a brief break from teaching to have a baby. She joined Reach Academy Feltham as an English teacher in 2018, and began working for the Hub in 2020. Lily is invested in the young people of Feltham and strongly believes that every child who grows up in Feltham is entitled to a joyful life with lots of opportunities. She loves working within the community and seeing it grow and develop. She looks forward to working with young people through the Feltham Futures project to improve post-school outcomes for the amazing young people in Feltham.

Rebecca Leuw
Perinatal Lead

After years working within communications and fundraising, Rebecca decided to take a slightly different path after having both her children, and retrained with the NCT to become an antenatal teacher. Driven by a passion to support and empower parents she started facilitating classes for new parents, and took on a role working with the local hospital to represent maternity service users and drive change. This led to project work locally and nationally developing peer support strategies. Rebecca is now very excited to be able to develop Reach's cradle to career vision, and is relishing the opportunity to shape programmes that really make a difference to families in Feltham.

Samantha Jac-During
Communications Associate

Samantha has recently finished her Masters Degree in International Communications and Media. Whilst studying, Samantha began tutoring at Explore Learning where she discovered a passion for serving and impacting the lives of children through the means of education, but also through relationships. Currently, working as the Communications Associate for both Feltham Convening Project and Reach Foundation, Samantha hopes to use her knowledge and experience in communications to help impact children and young people. It is her desire to see children and young people live their lives to its full potential whilst enjoying every single aspect of their childhood, as much as possible.  Besides communications, Samantha enjoys watching a variety of youtube channels, old television series, such as Criminal Minds and other real-life documentaries.


Teodor Balint
Learning and Impact Advisor

Teo grew up in Eastern Romania where the symptoms of a corrupt and faulty system sparked a lifelong interest and empathy to work with children. At 16, he and his family had to leave Romania and move to the UK where he studied Psychology, with a particular focus on cognitive development. His passion for working with community-based initiatives started during his MSc, where, as a student of Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics, Teo focused his research on well-being and resources management in an unbalanced system. Before joining Reach Children's Hub as an Evaluator, Teo taught English as a second language in Spain, Lisbon and Ireland, and worked as a Teaching Assistant throughout London. So far, his work centred around the Early Years, working with local parents, children and practitioners to learn more about the experiences of the Feltham community.