Reach Children's Hub is the flagship initiative of the Reach Foundation, providing an integrated pipeline of support for children, young people and families in Feltham. 

The Hub developed out of an awareness among leadership at Reach Academy that an excellent education at an inclusive school is necessary but not sufficient for young people to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity. Many students require deeper and more wide-ranging support than a school can provide. The Hub therefore works closely with the Academy to ensure that local children and young people have the support that they need to:


Be safe and well-supported

Children and young people are free from harm and know how to keep themselves safe. They are well-supported at home. 

Be Healthy

Children and young people are physically, socially and emotionally healthy

Achieve well academically

Children and young people achieve good academic results and leave school prepared for the next stage. Families are actively involved in their education. 

Develop strong relationships and networks

Children and young people have strong peer and family relationships and engage positively with their local community.

These four outcomes guide our work with children and young people aged between 0 and 21. 

As well as building from the experience of staff, students and parents at Reach Academy, the Hub has also been inspired by cradle-to-career models of support from the UK and the US, such as Harlem Children’s Zone, Strive Partnerships, West London Zone, and Manchester Communication Academy. We engage in mutual support with these organisations, learning from one another about how best to meet the wide-ranging needs of children and young people who are growing up with considerable complexities.