08 July 2021

What is the Training Circle? 

Reach Children's Hub is running its second employment and skills programme for local parents-The Training Circle. Building on the success of the pilot programme last year, we are offering full funding (up to £2000) for a short-to medium-term training opportunity of your choice. Alongside your chosen training opportunity, you will take part in a career coaching programme where you will receive guidance from professionals and peer support.


You will be part of a small group (up to 10 participants) who will work together to build skills and experience so that you are ready to take positive steps in your chosen work or career. 

We are looking for people who have a spark and actively want to achieve their career goals by gaining further training, personal development opportunities and skills. There are no set qualification requirements, but some experience of learning as an adult would be helpful.

Previous participants took part in a variety of training courses including floristry, personal fitness, bookkeeping and accounting - 100% of participants said that they would recommend Training Circle to other local residents. 

What do we believe? 

  • Local people in Feltham deserve to have access to good work, opportunities and ways to actively shape their futures.
  • Learning is not linear. People should have the right to continue to develop their interests, skills and qualifications regardless of their age, backgrounds and employment situation. 
  • People need support and encouragement from others around them to be successful. 

What is the training programme? 

We know that many people are stuck in negative employment situations e.g. unemployment or irregular employment. One of the ways out is to pursue further training either in your current career or in something entirely different. We will fully fund training opportunities if they match the following criteria: 

  • The training programme is run by an official organisation and it needs to be accredited.
  • It needs to be short-term or medium-term (e.g. between 2-8 months).
  • The training can be online or in-person.
  • It needs to be directly relevant to what you want to do in the future.

What is career coaching?

Making career moves by yourself is a difficult change. Reach will run a career coaching programme where you will have a chance to develop a range of skills. You will have regular group training opportunities, one-to-one coaching and peer support. We will work together with local business owners, professionals and creatives to expand your professional networks and to make connections in the industry. 

Who can apply? 

We welcome application from people meeting the following criteria: 

  • If you are a parent living in TW13 or TW14 postcode;
  • If you are not able to fund the training opportunity yourself, e.g. your income has decreased due to Covid-19 etc, you’re a single parent, you’re unemployed;
  • If you can commit to completing the career coaching programme for 4 months;
  • If you are committed to achieving your career or work goals. 

Application Process 

Zoom Introduction and Q&A 

We will run a short introduction about the Training Circle programme in detail. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the programme or the application process. You only need to attend one of the events below: 

  • Monday 19th July 2021 5-6pm 
  • Thursday 22nd July 2021 5-6pm 

Register here: https://forms.gle/ppkDkqoFgnSQpc5o8  

Application Form 

Complete this short application form: https://forms.gle/LUzu8ezK3wQyFFE4A 

Closing date: 11:59pm Wednesday 28th July 2021.


If successful, you will be invited to attend a short 45-minute interview in the week beginning 2nd August. 

Start Date: September 2021 

If you have any questions, please contact Sophie sophie.boullin@reachfoundation.org.uk.